What I Learnt As An SEO Manager

Being an SEO Manager is a real eye-opener. You think its going to be great and that the only possible end result is for you to come out armed with all the SEO secrets, be up to date with all the latest SEO news and its going to be the best place to learn SEO – equipping you for a successful Web Marketing Career. This is far from the truth. You might think hiring an SEO Manager who is working within an organisation is going to be the safest bet. A real White Hat SEO haven packed with all the latest SEO software and tools. No sir – the truth is the SEO techniques used are far from transparent and do not warrant the prices some SEO agencies charge. Most people know SEO isn’t cheap and if it is really cheap perhaps you should question its quality. But some of the SEO prices I’ve seen whilst I was employed as an SEO specialist were crazy! Money is at the very forefront of an SEO agency regardless of what they tell you. They try to hide this fact but if your experienced enough, a quick look at the SEO packages offered will tell you this.

Agencies have such huge customer bases – often they don’t even do much for their money because they have already built relationships with other high authority businesses etc. making your SEO campaign more like an automated process. This is not the best SEO approach especially if you are wanting to rank for an extremely competitive niche. I’ve even seen spun content being applied to client sites. But I never saw them apply this to their own SEO articles within their own SEO blog or SEO forum. I’m not saying everybody was an SEO black hat bandit, but there was a need for more transparency.

Some companies will tease knowledge too. They will offer their own internal SEO training and only include certain elements. Mostly it’s only the obvious ones that are included. The last one I saw was a module on “SEO Keywords” this is something you’ll come across in the most basic SEO guide. You don’t need to pay for this. A quick search online for SEO tips should be enough. Or you could go out and buy yourself a basic SEO book. How to SEO, Small Business SEO or something along those lines.

Becoming independent was the best thing I ever did because I can be more affordable and transparent sticking to my morals.

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