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Why I Became an SEO Freelancer

Having worked for an SEO company for a number of years I decided to become an SEO Freelancer… But why?

Higher Standard of Service

Mainly because I felt I could better SEO services. Being an SEO Expert is not just about ranking websites and off you go – you need to consider how you deliver your services to your clients. You need to be able to present yourself professionally & articulate at various levels the Search Engine Optimization techniques you intend to use to your client. This is vital because not everyone understands things in the same way. It is possible that they may have done a bit of Google searching on something like “search engine optimization tips” for some basic SEO advice; this though is no confirmation of their understanding of how an SEO campaign works. Nor is there any guarantee that what they read was actually of any use. I mean there are lots of “Do it Yourself SEO” guides out there. Some are good some not so… SEO solutions are not difficult to find nowadays but there are lots of people claiming to be an SEO professional out there who don’t confirm clients understanding. You should never pay for something you don’t understand! Many services just simply tell clients what they are going to do without any substance as to why. Furthermore, they will often fail to communicate with the client once they’ve started. So, it almost turns into a take the money and run situation. Communication is key to a successful campaign.

More Affordable SEO Services

I saw this time & time again working as an SEO Consultant where the company would charge much, much higher than required for an SEO strategy. Claiming they had to pay this for the best SEO results – without even knowing what the competition was like. Expensive doesn’t always mean the best and nor does cheap SEO mean the worst. It is often about your niche & competition. For example, if you were looking for local SEO to rank for “SEO Leeds” for instance or SEO Essex – because this is a local term it would be much easier to rank for as opposed to “National SEO” Be very wary though of anyone offering you free SEO & also schemes like pay on results SEO because it simply isn’t conventional.

Being Able to Choose My Own SEO Technology & Tools

Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to SEO Software & being an SEO Freelancer means you are able to choose the ones that suit you the most. There are many options out there that do different things. Some specialise in SEO analysis of other websites and are able to provide you with an SEO report or what is sometimes referred to as an SEO audit. Others simply just act as a keyword SEO tool. Everyone has their opinions on the best SEO software. The reality is… Use what works for you.

More Flexibility

Freelancing means I have more flexibility in terms of the type of clients I can work with. Due to overheads, many top SEO companies stay away from areas such as small business SEO as they do not feel it is worthwhile. I on the other hand can offer anything from international SEO to small Ecommerce SEO


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